Monday, July 17, 2017


Dear Educators:

While I’ve published before, this is my first book of original quotes. I was provoked to write these quotes based on my interaction and personal experience with the public, especially with young people.

As a Puerto Rican poet, writer, publisher, and community activist, I’ve conducted numerous workshops and speaking engagements in the schools and in community settings. I’ve found that living-day-to-day, without any thoughts of tomorrow, or an understanding of their personal relationship to the universe, is the norm for many of our public-school students, as well as for parents and communities in urban settings.   

My book is a response to that condition, to provoke the mind, like jump-starting a car engine. 
It is an approach to influence our students to think in terms of conceptional systems, to see beyond the physical, with the goal and mission to recapture their abilities to think.  

It is a book for the teacher, for the counselor, for the family member, and for the community leader, to ignite the conversation with the quotes in the book, to begin to challenge and “provoke their minds.

I sincerely hope that I’m able to provoke you to review the book in the pages of your publication, social media, and to share with your contacts and educational institutions.  

It is a book that needs to reach the minds of our young people, to make a U-turn toward a new direction. 


Alberto O. Cappas

2nd Edition.... The Light Within: Passing the Torch!

by Alberto O. Cappas

This is the second edition of "Th Light Within."

It was first published in July of 2012, dedicated to our youth. It's a 28 page guide to self-development; it includes over 35 questions youth or young people should be asking themselves to find a successful balance in the world.

This book will be available in two weeks. You can get it in, or get a signed copy when you order directing from me. Send $10 payable to:

Alberto O. Cappas

PO Box 742, Station C
Buffalo, NY 14209

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

By Alberto O. Cappas


"I'm not Hispanic, because I'm not from Spain. I'm not Spanish,
but I do speak Spanish.
I'm Puerto Rican or Boricua, from the island of Borinquen,
the place you call Puerto Rico in the United States.”

If I had to choose between Hispanic and Latino, Latino is the choice. Latin American, South America, and Puerto Rico is the family tree -- all part of the diaspora."
I've noticed that Puerto Ricans in Buffalo, NY identify themselves as Hispanic, especially the leading Puerto Rican leaders and community organizations, which helps to perpetuate ignorance of our people and culture among our children, youth, and the outside community, and unfortunately, it’s the same in other parts of the state and country. Its not isolated to Buffalo alone.

If we keep this up, while the time you and I are gone, our people and culture will be erased from the minds of our next generation. Instead of saying, "I'm a proud Puerto Rican or Boricua, or a proud Puerto Rican American", they will say, "I'm a proud "Hispanic" with no clue to their culture or origin.

HISPANIC relates to Spain or to Spanish-speaking countries, especially those of Latin and South America.
LATINO is a person who was born or lives in South America, Central America, or Mexico, or a person in the U.S. whose family is originally from South America, Central America, or Mexico.

BORICUA comes from the Taíno name for Puerto Rico, Borikén. Boricuas were the natives who lived in what is known today as Puerto Rico (Borinquen). Boricua (Puerto Rican) means "Brave and noble lord". Borinquen means "Land of the brave and noble lords".

PUERTO RICANS often call the island Borinquen, a derivation of Borikén, its indigenous Taíno name, which means "Land of the Valiant Lord." The terms Boricua and Borincano derive from Borikén and Borinquen respectively, and are commonly used to identify someone of Puerto Rican heritage.

Finally, over 80% of the "Hispanic” population in Buffalo & Erie County are PUERTO RICANS. What good are you doing to our Puerto Rican children and youth when you neglect this fact.

Yes, we are Puerto Ricans, part of the Latino totem pole. When all together, we should celebrate as LATINOS, but not as HISPANICS.

If you want to give notice and pay respect to our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters, let us use the term, "Puerto Rican & Latino (instead of Puerto Rican & Hispanic), which is more accurate, more factual, found in our Puerto Rican and Latino historical roots.

The year 1505 marked the year of Spanish colonization in Puerto Rico, claimed for Spain in 1493. The colonization continues today, but not by Spain, but by the USA, responsible for pushing “Hispanic Heritage Month”, and we felt into it, conditioned by American colonialization.

Yo soy Boricua, soy un Puertorriqueno, no soy hispano.

Feel free to submit your opinion or contribution to this subject matter. This is an issue we need to ignite and create general interest, especially among our young kids and children in the public-school system.
So, there you have it!  "Ay Bendito."

Note: Alberto O. Cappas, poet/writer, and Co-Chair, Puerto Rican Committee for Community Justice, and author of “To Think is to Grow, Quotes to provoke the Mind”, available this June 2017. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

English and Spanish Versions:

By Alberto O. Cappas

Images by Hafeesa Nettles, creator of the Doll, "FETA."

English: The Educational Pledge

 Espanol: La Promesa Educacional

The Work of Puerto Rican Poet/Writer Alberto O. Cappas: Books by Alberto O. Cappas

The Work of Puerto Rican Poet/Writer Alberto O. Cappas: Books by Alberto O. Cappas

Books by Alberto O. Cappas

All four (4) Books are available online, especially on and other Book outlets. For a personal and signed copy, send check payable to:

Alberto O. Cappas
PO Box 742, Station C
Buffalo, NY 14209

(*) Please add $3.00 to handle shipment and  delivery -- within two weeks of order. Please do not forget to specific which book you are ordering. If gift for someone, we will mail directly with your direction and message. 

(*) 1. To Think is to Grow, Quotes to Provoke the Mind (release in June 2017, published in 2017)

(*) 2. Never too late to make a U-Turn: An Educational Pledge & 15 Questions to Self-Development, $12.00
(published in 2005)

(*) 3. Lessons for Myself, getting out the Box, $12.00
(published in 207)

(*) 4. Dona Julia: A Collection of Published Poems
(Second printing, 2008)

From the back cover of "To Think is to Grow"

The Rooster and the Child

From a private Collection....

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Alberto is a published poet, and author of several books of poems, including a self-help book,"Never too late to make a U-turn: An Educational Pledge and 15 Questions to Self-Development", and Dona Julia: A Collection of Published Poems." 

Alberto was the student leader that led to the development Puerto Rican Studies at SUNYAB, in 1971; during that same period, he was a member of the Attica Observers Committee, a group that was invited by the Attica Prison inmates to negotiate with Governor Nelson Rockefeller during the Attica Prison uprising.

Alberto will release his new book, "TO THINK IS TO GROW", a book of his 65 original quotes, provoking the young Mind to think, observe, analyze, and to begin looking at the world around him or her.

An excellent tool for the public schools.

Alberto lived in the Lower East Side and East Harlem until 2010. He now lives in Buffalo, NY, but continues his NYC involvement with several projects.

Day of the Child

The Educational Pledge of Allegiance

by Alberto O. Cappas

The Thinking Board

THE THINKING BOARD,  by Alberto O. Cappas

The Thinking Board, created by Alberto O. Cappas, will be available in Mouse Pad and Refrigerator Magnet. An excellent educational tool for the school system.  

To start, in a classroom setting, select a word and begin a discussion of the meaning, as well as see if it connects with any of the other words on the Thinking Board. Will keep you posted when available..... 



The new release of the author's first book of 65 quotes, "To Think is to Grow", a book to provoke the young Mind. Available in June 2017 at and other book outlets. Some of the quotes have become very popular with people on social media, including Facebook. An excellent book for teachers, counselors and youth groups. 

To get your own personal and signed copy, send $15 payable to:

Alberto O. Cappas
PO Box 742, Station C,
Buffalo, NY 14209. 

Delivered within 1-2 Weeks.

Book is also available in