Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Education and a Plan: A note for our Youth

Try always to remember that Life is a game to learn, appreciate, and complete the journey... The setbacks you experience are actual tools that try to educate you and teach you how to play the game.

By Alberto O. Cappas:
However, if you are not aware of the game of life, you will not be able to understand the value of the setbacks and they will work against you, not for you.

Once you are born and able to think for yourself, you must understand your purpose for being here.

You should be able to find clues to your purpose by thinking of your Dreams. One has many dreams, but only one is a purpose. The right dream is the one that gives you a positive picture of where you see yourself in the space of the future.

A negative dream is a distraction to your purpose. Without an education, you may not be able to understand or defeat the distraction.

However, to make the purpose and/or the Dream a reality, you must take two very critical and important steps. These are steps that would give you all the power and magic you need to make the Dream come true, but you must take the steps!

One is Education.

And the second one is a Plan.

It is very simple! All you need to make a positive dream come true is an Education and a Plan.

Education is not what many people tell you it is. For example, you don’t go to school to get an education in order to find a job, or prepare for a job.

An Education is a journey! it is a lifetime trip you take as a human being. You meet new friends, friends who look different than you and think different than you, friends with different ideas and opinions. And some dress different and speak a different language then you.

If you keep your mind open, and if you listen to what you are hearing, and give vision to what you see, your education is on the way track! An education is a preparation for enjoying life, to open your mind to all the options available to you.

An education gives you a real vision to what you may like or not like, to prepare for a job or to prepare to have your own business or corporation; to become a consumer where you work for someone, or to become a provider where you have your own company and have people working for you. You can decide to be a worker, a supervisor, a manager, a president of your own company, and much more.

The main thing to remember is that an education introduces you to the world of possibilities and options. It gives you a realistic imagination to work with. To have an education is to have a system of values and standards, and you are not afraid to face hard and difficult challenges; as well as the ability to think and make right choices and decisions.

With an education, you should be able to have the discipline to have a plan to navigate, step by step until you reach the realization of your Dream. The plan is a roadmap of proper choices and decisions to get to your Dream.

Life is that simple, as well as magical and fun.

Life stops being magical and fun when you bypass and ignore the dream and the plan. Without the dream and a plan, you make choices and decision that has nothing to do with your purpose. You become lost in the world.

Take a look outside the window and you can see the number of misguided and unfortunate people who made wrong choices and decisions.

An Education and a Plan provides you an opportunity to appreciate and understand the spiritual value and gift of your presence on this planet.

You are a gift to this world. Make the right choices and decisions and make the marks, leave footprints for the generation following you.

I leave you with The Education Pledge which I hope you will embrace and use it as a guide in your journey. I dedicate The Educational Pledge to all the children and youth of the world:

The  Educational Pledge, An instrument to help you defeat ignorance:

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