Monday, July 17, 2017


Dear Educators:

While I’ve published before, this is my first book of original quotes. I was provoked to write these quotes based on my interaction and personal experience with the public, especially with young people.

As a Puerto Rican poet, writer, publisher, and community activist, I’ve conducted numerous workshops and speaking engagements in the schools and in community settings. I’ve found that living-day-to-day, without any thoughts of tomorrow, or an understanding of their personal relationship to the universe, is the norm for many of our public-school students, as well as for parents and communities in urban settings.   

My book is a response to that condition, to provoke the mind, like jump-starting a car engine. 
It is an approach to influence our students to think in terms of conceptional systems, to see beyond the physical, with the goal and mission to recapture their abilities to think.  

It is a book for the teacher, for the counselor, for the family member, and for the community leader, to ignite the conversation with the quotes in the book, to begin to challenge and “provoke their minds.

I sincerely hope that I’m able to provoke you to review the book in the pages of your publication, social media, and to share with your contacts and educational institutions.  

It is a book that needs to reach the minds of our young people, to make a U-turn toward a new direction. 


Alberto O. Cappas

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