Thursday, May 11, 2017

Books by Alberto O. Cappas

All four (4) Books are available online, especially on and other Book outlets. For a personal and signed copy, send check payable to:

Alberto O. Cappas
PO Box 742, Station C
Buffalo, NY 14209

(*) Please add $3.00 to handle shipment and  delivery -- within two weeks of order. Please do not forget to specific which book you are ordering. If gift for someone, we will mail directly with your direction and message. 

(*) 1. To Think is to Grow, Quotes to Provoke the Mind (release in June 2017, published in 2017)

(*) 2. Never too late to make a U-Turn: An Educational Pledge & 15 Questions to Self-Development, $12.00
(published in 2005)

(*) 3. Lessons for Myself, getting out the Box, $12.00
(published in 207)

(*) 4. Dona Julia: A Collection of Published Poems
(Second printing, 2008)

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