Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Alberto is a published poet, and author of several books of poems, including a self-help book,"Never too late to make a U-turn: An Educational Pledge and 15 Questions to Self-Development", and Dona Julia: A Collection of Published Poems." 

Alberto was the student leader that led to the development Puerto Rican Studies at SUNYAB, in 1971; during that same period, he was a member of the Attica Observers Committee, a group that was invited by the Attica Prison inmates to negotiate with Governor Nelson Rockefeller during the Attica Prison uprising.

Alberto will release his new book, "TO THINK IS TO GROW", a book of his 65 original quotes, provoking the young Mind to think, observe, analyze, and to begin looking at the world around him or her.

An excellent tool for the public schools.

Alberto lived in the Lower East Side and East Harlem until 2010. He now lives in Buffalo, NY, but continues his NYC involvement with several projects.

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