Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poem: Her Boricua

Doña Rivera
The one everybody comes to when
They run into unresolved situations
Was sold the Moon yesterday
She was very happy ‘cause the
Salesman gave her a break
Telling her she did not have to pay taxes on it
“It was tax free”
He told her
All her neighbors were surprised
That she accomplished such a big thing
So they assembled and celebrated
Her new fortune
They decided that Doña should
Keep it a secret or else the welfare department
Would come and take the Moon away from her
Time passed and Doña Rivera
Became a very proud woman
At night, especially when the
Moon was bright and in full view
Doña Rivera would stay up late
And admire the beauty of her new possession
On weekend nights
She would invite her relatives and best friends
Over to share the experience with them
She would tell her friends and relatives
“In this country
You have the freedom to buy
Anything you want”

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