Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poem: Doña Julia

Doña Julia
Committed suicide last night
Cause the welfare department
Demanded too many documents she did not
Know existed
The utilities were removed
The landlord proudly gave her eviction
The friendly bodega accused her
Of trespassing
Holding on to hope
Doña Julia visited Puerto Rican leaders
With fancy titles
Promising her things that never arrived
Doña Julia
Always made it a point to vote
With the democrats, the party of
The poor, she used to say
Doña Julia
Committed suicide last night cause life was angry with her
She told her spirits
And the people that didn’t
Know her always found things to say about her
With fancy titles
Her daughter Evelyn disappeared with this
Dude named Hector who promised her every thing he didn’t have
And her son Josè
Who dropped out of school at the age of 10
Always took money from Doña Julia
To pay his expenses and other things for the dead head
He too disappeared looking for his friends who were never around
When he didn’t have anything
Doña Julia
Committed suicide cause life was angry with her
Her dead face had a smile that police officers did not understand
Someone that did not know how to read found a note
And flushed it down the toilet thinking it had something
To do with the numbers
The note said something about
“One way or the other
I’m going back to the island”

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