Monday, November 9, 2009

A message to young people: Passing The Torch to a new Generation - May the USA stay in good hands!

From my old generation to your young generation,
Please keep passing the torch...

First, on behalf of my generation, I want to extend an apology to you for not passing the torch to you in the most proper way! We let you down and now we are paying the price for it! Too many students in your age group are falling through the cracks.

But I believe that it is never too late to make a U-turn and I want to share with you what we should be passing on from one generation to the next generation.

So please, listen to me as I try to reach out to you, so you can begin to set-up a personal foundation to help you along the way -- now and in the future. I firmly believe, because of your age that you have the maturity and spirit of emerging independence to appreciate what I am going to share with you. I want you to realize that you are a part of a very important generation and in a position to make a very big DIFFERENCE in what this great country is going to look like in the future. YOU ARE A PART OF A VERY HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT IN OUR LIFETIME. The strength or weakness of this country’s TOMORROW is going to depend on what choices and decisions you make TODAY!

So please listen carefully – Points by Point:

1. Please stay in School, and work on getting an Education

2. Learn to read, but read to learn

3. Learn to write properly

4. Learn to speak properly

5. Learn your math and numbers

6. Learn Music

7. Learn to play a musical instrument

8. Learn to socialize by getting involved in school activities

9. Go to gym classes and exercise the body

10. Remember that school is not designed to prepare you for a job. You are in school to learn, to acquire the skills, Knowledge and awareness to decide what you want to do with your beautiful journey of life, to properly involve yourself in a positive movement for growth and development.

11. Go on to Higher Education; get a high school diploma and a college degree which is a great thing to do!

12. You may also decide to get a job, and work for someone the rest of your live, but you may also decide to run your own company, become an entrepreneur, creating your own product based on your own creations and ideas.

13. You can be a CEO (Chief Executive Officer), BE a President of a company; you can BE anything you want to be, but you must have the education to understand and have the vision to make it all happen! Education gives you the instruments and the tools to make right choices and decisions.

14. Open your eyes and begin to define things for yourself, and take accountability and create your own score and play your own game; and remember that the real ability to see comes from your education, not from what is on public display.

15. Reach out to your teachers and let them know that you want to learn, and let them know your weaknesses so they can work with you.

16. Stay away from groups that take away the real meaning and purpose of WHO you are. These groups will take away the promises of your dreams to be somebody and turn you into a drop-out or a gang member.

17. LADIES, learn to love yourself, first, before talking about loving any guy. If you don’t know how to have love and appreciation for yourself, people will take advantage of you, and the guy you give your love to will not be around to help you pick up your emotional pieces.


19. Don’t allow anyone to program you. You must program yourself. Otherwise, you will stay inside the box and never realize the potential and excitement of your life.

20. And when so-called friends or family members put you down, walk away and don’t look back; because, if you do, this time, you are putting yourself down.

21. Remember that being different is beautiful. Don’t hate what is different; Embrace it!

22. Don’t be afraid to create an idea or a philosophy with the mind, a belief with the spirit, and health with the body, maintaining a balance so that one element does not control the other.

23. Make sure to create and draw the line that you won’t cross; otherwise, you will never stand for anything. Be a leader, not a follower. Be a Provider, not a Consumer!

24. Remember that you are composed of four important parts:

a. Spiritual – having a solid belief and faith in what you do not see; remember that you are not a human being experiencing a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being experiencing a human experience.

b. The Mind – having the ability and willingness to prepare yourself educationally and to think clearly, being able to think in a critical fashion, to make the right choices and the right decisions. Without an Education, you will have a hard time climbing the mountain.

c. Emotional Balance – You understand, respect and control your abilities to feel, for example, not giving up your dreams and aspirations for someone else, especially if that person is not in your best interest. Control your emotions, bring balance to your emotions, and stay true to YOURSELF!

d. Physical – having respect for the temple of your body. Eat proper food, exercise your body. Don’t take your body for granted. Take care of your medical and dental needs.

25. You must make sure that each part works together in harmony to ensure that you are maintaining a balance helpful to your growth and development as a human being on this planet. Without this balance, you will have a hard time in the journey of life.

With that said, I would like to read An Educational Pledge for you and if you truly love yourself and want to make something of yourself, you will make the decision to use An Educational Pledge as a road map and guide to help you navigate your plan for the great journey ahead of you.

I pledge to maintain
a healthy Mind and Body,
Staying away from the evils of Drugs
I pledge always to try my Best
to understand the importance of Knowledge and Education
I pledge to paint a Positive picture of where I plan to be in the future
Not allowing obstacles to stop the growth of my Plans
I pledge to seek Answers to Questions,
with the understanding that they will lead to other Discoveries
I pledge to work Firm,
with the Awareness and Confidence that firm work today will serve
As the Seeds for my strong Tree tomorrow,
a Tree that no one will be able to tear down
I pledge to learn proper languages, beginning with my Mother's
Always prepared to appreciate others
I pledge to gain a better understanding of Me,
by understanding my Cultural roots
I pledge to fully accept Me as a human being,
a Rainbow of many cultures and colors
I pledge to overcome any Personal misfortunes
Becoming Stronger from such misfortunes
Always striving to become
A wise person…

In closing,
Learn to be a Provider,
Not a Consumer!
And never stop climbing your Mountain,
One Step at a time!

May the Educational Pledge be with You!

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  1. I Love your message, what you stand for in the human community as well as the Latin Community. This is a blog entry I will let my daughter read and learn from.


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